Current Classes

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PUP 1 Corinthians
International Christian Assembly - by zoom
International Christian Assembly - by zoom Alternate Saturdays
PUP Hebrews Part 1
International Christian Assembly - zoom
International Christian Assembly - zoom Alternate Sundays
PUP Isaiah Part 2
Island ECC - zoom
Island ECC - zoom Mondays
PUP Kings & Prophets - Hosea
Island ECC
Island ECC Wednesdays - Starts April 17
God, Are You There? Do You Care?
Island ECC
Island ECC Mondays - Starts April 15

The Precept Essentials

Your relationship with God is personal, but you don’t have to grow alone. With the right tools, personal commitment, and a Bible-based discussion group, you can discover truth for yourself, but not by yourself.

Methods and Materials

With Bible study resources for every book of the Bible and experience level, Precept is your guide to knowing God through His Word. Our method and materials are based on the Precept Bible Study Method, that helps students observe, interpret, and apply Scripture to their lives.

Individual Study

It begins with prayer. Individual prayer lays a foundation for humble learning as you invite the Holy Spirit to teach you. Guided by Scripture, you will discover God’s heart for you as a uniquely beloved child.

Group Discussion

We are people called to community! Precept groups are led by trained discussion leaders who will help you reason through the Scriptures as you share ideas within your group.

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